Salesforce Certification Coupons/Vouchers

Everybody wanted to complete the certifications and prove their capabilities in Salesforce technology. It would be better to have valid coupon codes to get some discount. I will keep this page updating with the new and valid coupon codes.

New/Retake Registration Coupons

Coupon CodeDiscountExpires atShared ByApplicable For
SFCDWSUCCESS306488$4031st AprilMohammadasif
SFCDWSUCCESS204569$4031st MayAni
SFAPACTHLIVECDW09213198$40Dec 31, 2021Maya
SFAMERTHLIVECDW09213458 $40Dec 31, 2021Maya
SFAPACCERTDAYS005_2021$40Oct 31, 2021Anil P
SFAMERCERTDAYS012021HNZ$70Akanksha KService Cloud Consultant
MC Email Marketers Certification

This code can be used for upto 3 times
SFAMERCERTDAYS112020MMK$70 offLokesh
SFAMERCERTDAYS0520SPGKTBZ$100 offOct 31, 2021Pradeep
SFAMERCERTDAYS032021NOR$40 offJune 30, 2021Leo, Martin
SFLATAMCERTDAYS032021_20$40 offJune 30, 2021Martin
SFAPACCERTDAYS042021$40 offRhicha
SFAPACCERTDAYS0121INAR$70 offMarch 31, 2021Pradeep, Arthi MSales Cloud Certification
Admin Certification
Platform App builder

This coupon can be used for upto 3 times
SFAMERCERTDAYS082020100OF$100 OffDecember 31, 2020Visal
LATAMCERTDAYS0520200SP$100 off $200July 31, 2021Pradeep
SFAMERCERTDAYS0620SPKTBZ$100 off $200Oct 31, 2021Pradeep
SFAMERCERTDAYS0420200$100 off $200July 31, 2021
2020SFAMERCERTDAYS0520200SP$100 off $200July 31, 2021
2020SFAMERCERTDAYS0520SPGKTBZ$100 off $200July 31, 2021
SFAPACCERTDAYS042020S$100 off $200July 31, 2021
SFAMERCERTDAYS0520200SP$100 off $200July 31, 2020
SFAPAC1219CERTDAYS200$70 off $200July 31, 2020
SFAMERCERTDAYS2020$70 off $200July 31, 2020
SFLATAMCERTDAYS2020$70 off $200July 31, 2020
SFCERTDAYSPTNFSL1116$150 OffFebruary 28, 2021One time per user
All above vouchers can be used for up to 3 exams

Retake Coupons

SFAMERCERTDAYS052020LKI34100% discountJuly 31, 2020

Help Salesforce community by sharing valid coupons. Our aim is to help each others rather than making money out from coupons. Lets help together to grow by sharing valid coupons here. We will verify the coupons and post on behalf of you (If you agree)

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