Useful Salesforce Plugins

Utilise your developement time by making use of these awesome chrome plugins which I personally tested and recommending others as well.

Being a developer, its always a pleasure to have something which saves your work time. You will find lot of blog posted various plugins available for Salesforce, but here I listed top 5 Salesforce Extenstions which I have been personally using since 6 years of Salesforce Career and recommending others to use. (No paid promotion!)

Salesforce Inspector

This is the most useful plugin I ever seen till now. Following capabilities are useful:

  • Show All Data : Get all the object field values related to the record.
  • Data Export : Fire the SOQL query and copy data in Excel or JSON.
  • Data Import : Import the data in any Standard or Custom object by mapping the fields.
  • Org Limits: Dashboard showing all types of consumed limits your org.
  • Download Metadata : Download any type of metadata in zip format.

Salesforce Advanced Code Searcher

I personally use this plugin to find the dependencies in code. You can search following:

  • Apex Classes
  • Apex Triggers
  • Visualforce Pages
  • Visualforce Components
  • Lighting Component Quick Login As

Very handy tool to login with any user in single click, no need to navigate to Users page, seach with perticular user and then Login.

Salesforce1 Simulator

Best simulator to test your application behaviour on Mobile or iPad right from PC or Laptop itself.

Advanced REST client

This plugin is to test REST based integration request and reponse. You can test third party or Salesforce web service endpoints with GET, POST, PUT methods. Not specifically for Salesforce.

Mail us if you find any of the useful extension which is not listed here, so we can test it personally and list down here.