Copado offering certifications worth $250 for free

Before moving to how you should know what Copado is. If you have ever involved into the projects for big organisations, which is having multiple teams to build series of features, you might have gone through the situation. These teams work independently and don’t even know sometimes what technical changes another team is doing.

Suppose there are multiple teams working on a project, each team has access to separate sandbox for their developement. Now the day comes where all the changes needs to be deployed to one sandbox which is called “UAT”. Each team will try to deploy their code into UAT. if each team have unique metadata which is not involved into another teams user story, then its fine. But what if thats the case? it will get simply overridden. Like this, there are many other scenarios where deploying the code becomes difficult when multiple teams are involved. Version controlling is very much needed in such projects.

This is all being handled by Copado, its a paid managed package which needs to be installed into the production, Scrum master will create User stories and will get assigned to developers. You can authenticate all the sandboxes with Copado pipeline manager. Developer can then select metadata related to user story and move to destination org. It all happens through Salesforce screen.

This is pretty much it to understand what Copado is, you will get better understanding while going through the course.

Due to COVID-19, Copado offering free certification for 3 months starting from 2nd April. Its really great opportunity to learn and add the skill in your portfolio. You can find official announcement here:

Copado Free Coupon
Copado Free Coupon

How to enroll for free certification?

Copado offering certifications for free
Copado Certification Prerequisites
  • You need to complete prerequisites before you can register yourself for webinar.
  • In each workshop, they send certification voucher code to each participants of webinar.