Salesforce & Microsoft Partnership for Teams Integration

Considering customer needs, Microsoft partners with Salesforce to achieve goal of making collaboration and meetings between teams easier.

For sales teams, the integration will help bring sales teams together more easily and help make up for some of the hallway discussions that are now missing from many salespeople’s daily routine in light of the current work-from-home environment. For service teams, the integration will enable better coordination and faster response times to open cases, allowing for more team collaboration both within the service department and outside.

With a Salesforce message extension integration,

  • Integrate key customer details right inline within a conversation
  • Keeping details right in context and alongside conversations
  • Relevant details around customer contact information are displayed within the broader chat stream.
  • Administrators can also choose and determine the level of visibility for this information – whether details can be shared within a secured team, or whether they require a Salesforce log-in to display.
  • Pin customer information as a Tab in a channel. Within this Tab, Sales Rep can see and update key vendor information, related contacts, and view updates and activities all in one place. This facilitates a workflow where you use a team or channel per customer to holistically manage all aspects of that relationship.

This feature is still in pilot mode, Salesforce customer need to follow this article in order to setup the connection between Salesforce and Microsoft teams.