Retain zeros of decimal places in email templates

Recently while working with email template, I struggled lot to show just a number field having 6 decimal places on email template. The requirement was to show 6 decimal places leading zeros.

For example, if the decimal field value is 45.7891 then it should show 45.789100. The number field was set to 6 decimal places, however it was showing 45.789 on email template.

Two things I noticed, those are:

  • More than 3 decimal digits are automatically rounded to 3 decimal digits.
  • If there are leading zeros, they simply gets ignored, like if the number is, 4.100, it will show as 4.1 on mail template.

To tackle this, I had to built formula field with following formula which outputs the number value in text format and then placed the field in email template.


LEFT(TEXT(ROUND(decimal_value__c, 6)), FIND('.', TEXT(ROUND(decimal_value__c, 6))))+RPAD(RIGHT(TEXT(ROUND(decimal_value__c, 6)),  LEN(TEXT(ROUND(decimal_value__c, 6))) - FIND('.', TEXT(ROUND(decimal_value__c, 6)))), 6, '0')


  • decimal_value__c is a number field with 6 decimal places.


  • ROUND(decimal_value__c, 6) : Rounds the number with specified decimal places, here its 6.
  • TEXT(ROUND(decimal_value__c, 6)) : Converted whole number in text format
  • FIND(‘.’, TEXT(ROUND(decimal_value__c, 6))) : To find the position of decimal point in text format of digit.
  • LEFT(TEXT(ROUND(decimal_value__c, 6)), FIND(‘.’, TEXT(ROUND(decimal_value__c, 6)))) : Gives left side of number. If the number is 458.669, this formula outputs as 458
  • LEN(TEXT(ROUND(decimal_value__c, 6))) – FIND(‘.’, TEXT(ROUND(decimal_value__c, 6))) : Finds number of digits after decimal place. for 458.669, it outputs as 3.
  • RPAD(RIGHT(TEXT(ROUND(decimal_value__c, 6)), LEN(TEXT(ROUND(decimal_value__c, 6))) – FIND(‘.’, TEXT(ROUND(decimal_value__c, 6)))), 6, ‘0’) : It will always make sure to have numberof digits as 6, so if value is 669, will output as 669000
  • Final Formula : Concatenate both values, final value will be 458.669000

Replace 6 with the number of digits you want to show on email template.